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Dani Schiffer, better known as Dishes by Dani, is a meal prep chef based out of Evansville, Indiana. Ultimately, I love to cook for others. Others enjoying the food prepared is what really makes my heart warm. I have a passion for everything I set out to do and my cooking/meal prep business is at the top of that list. This was definitely God's plan! When I started doing this on the side out of my house, I never imagined it growing to be what it is now. The brick and mortar was a big step. Now it's like oohhh just thinking of the next step for growth. One day, I hope to be near a beach in some warm weather. 

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My Story

            Dishes by Dani was never a vision until I had two close friends/co-workers persuade me in a very vague way I had something going. In 2017, I was extremely overweight and decided I needed to make changes for myself. Once I'm determined, its no stopping me. So I started going to the gym daily and with that you need to eat healthy right? So, I began prepping my own meals and posting my dedication to social media. I had some people as me to prep for them, (because let's face it, that is one of the most dreaded parts of being "healthy") I said "No!" I was working a full-time job, had a part-time job, two growing boys, and going to the gym daily. Where in the heck would I find time? Nor did I really want to.

             One day (2018) a good friend/coworker convinced me to cook some keto items for him & his wife and well the rest was history. It went from one customer, to a few, and then before you know it orders were rolling in. Whew, it got to be exhausting, BUT I loved it. It was a major satisfaction providing meals for people that were delicious and made their daily lives easier. I carried bags and bags of food to my second job and customers met me there to pick up. It was almost mind blowing. Now don't get me wrong, major lack of sleep and I was missing out on a lot of things but I don't regret it.

            In 2021, I knew I had to make a decision because I was running on fumes. So, I went for it. It took three signed contracts for things to actually work in my favor, but I finally had my own spot. Like it was really my own commercial kitchen. WOW! After many roadblocks and setbacks, in July 2021 I officially opened for business. My goal from the beginning was to provide a convenience for people & my promise was to use fresh quality ingredients. To this day, I stand on that. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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